Stay with us as a family

At UBHA-Chicaque, we invite you and your family to embark on a transformative journey of exploration, growth, and connection. Located in the heart of the Chicaque Nature Park, Colombia, our retreat offers the perfect setting for your gap year or workation adventure.

About Us
UBHA-Chicaque is more than just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary for families seeking meaningful experiences and personal development. Our holistic approach to well-being and our commitment to environmental stewardship make us the ideal destination for your gap year or workation.

Our Values

    • Family Unity: Strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories through shared experiences.

    • Personal Growth: Providing opportunities for learning, self-discovery, and skill development.

    • Connection with Nature: Immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of Chicaque Park and fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment.

What We Offer

    • Flexible Stay Options: Whether you’re taking a year off or working remotely, our retreat offers flexible accommodation options to suit your needs.

    • Inspiring Environment: Find inspiration in the lush surroundings of Chicaque Park, with its diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking views, and tranquil atmosphere.

    • Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals and participate in volunteer projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the park.

Who are you?

    • We expect you to be open minded, curious and willing to learn/relearn

    • You should bring a certain degree of connectedness to nature in order to live with us

    • Be open to new cultures


"We really enjoyed our stay at Ubha in Chicaque Parque Natural. My daughter Anna enjoyed going to Ubha every day. She discovered her passion for acrobatics and made new friends. I enjoyed living in-midst nature, exploring the park with all its beauty. In addition, I could follow my online work from the house we stayed in without any problems."

Carsten and Anna, Switzerland, 2024

"We stayed for just a week in this beautiful place with a view to returning for a few months next year. We are a family of four and it was a fabulous experience for us all!

From the walk to school on cobbled paths through cloud forest past llamas and with eagles soaring overhead to the complete language immersion and new friendships made, we all learned so much."

Tamsin and family, UK, 2024

"What an incredible, amazing experience for me and my family.. we felt so welcomed into the community and my two boys (6 and 9) fully embraced life and all the children, big and small, accepted them in so happily, a complete merit to the project and how it has been set up…playing free and enjoying all the amazing activities on offer, night crab walks, trip to a book fair, mushroom foraging, wood working, mud slinging, fire building, silk climbing acrobatics..."

Fiona and family, UK, 2023

"The kids are amazing and the park is an absolute treasure... it is such a great opportunity to work with a local non profit focused on helping kids while also being deeply immersed in pure untouched nature."

Derek, US, 2023

"Our three months in Chicaque were absolutely amazing! To be part of this innovative educational project and the growing community in the green heart of this natural park was really one of our best experiences on our travel!"

Maja, Germany, 2022

 Plan Your Gap Year or Workation

    • Customized Experiences: Design your own itinerary with a variety of activities, workshops, and excursions tailored to your interests and goals.

    • Professional Development: Enhance your skills and knowledge through workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities.

    • Rest and Relaxation: Take breaks from work or studies to recharge and rejuvenate in the peaceful surroundings of our retreat.

What we offer

    • USD 80 per week per adult for accommodation

    • USD 40 per week per child for accommodation and attending Ubha

    • Food and transportation are not included. Kitchen, WiFi and laundry room are at your disposal.

Join Us
Whether you’re taking a gap year, pursuing a workation, or simply seeking a meaningful family retreat, UBHA-Chicaque has something special to offer. Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable adventure.



What is UBHA Chicaque?

UBHA Chicaque is a small community and retreat center in the Nature Reserve Chicaque, Colombia, that offers families transformative experiences in nature and community.

What is Parque Natural Chicaque?

Parque Natural Chicaque is a nature reserve (Andean cloud forest) near Bogotá, Colombia, known for its impressive cloud forests, hiking trails and diverse flora and fauna.

How is the weather in Chicaque?

The weather in Chicaque is between 10 and 25 °C. For Europeans it is like spring or autumn. Rain and fog are present all year long, since this is a tropical cloud forest.

Is the park safe?

In general, the park is a very quiet and safe place since neighboring villages (Santandercito, San Antonio del Tequendama) and cities (Soacha, Bogotá) are several kilometers away. In addition, the internal road (when you arrive from Bogotá) is internal and may not be used by unauthorized persons.

How far is the house from the UBHA installations?

The house is located next to UBHA. But please bear in mind that activities might take place in other parts of the park, too.

Please have a look at the map below.


How far is the house from the park entrance?

The house is located about 3 km from the park entrance, in the lower part of the park (about 60 minutes walk).

Please have a look at the map below.


Is there a possibility to arrive at the house by car?

Yes, the park offers transportation from the entrance down to the house. You can hire this service at the park entrance or in advance. In case you have a 4×4 vehicle you can even drive down to the house on your own (please let us know in advance).


How far is Chicaque from the international airport El Dorado in Bogotá?

By car it takes between 1,5 and 2,5 hours to get from the airport to the park entrance and vice versa.


Is there transport between the park and Soacha or Bogotá?

Yes, there are several possibilities to get to the park from Bogotá:

  • Public transport: Take the Transmilenio to Soacha (San Mateo) and from there you can take a bus, the direction is Mosquera. Tell the driver to leave you at the unpaved entrance to Chicaque (you will have to walk the last 3 km to arrive at the park).
  • Hire private transport from Bogotá or Soacha (i.e. Uber) to the park entrance.
  • We can share numbers of partners who help with transport from the park to Soacha or Bogotá.
For more information on the Chicaque nature park, please visit: 

What is the cost of the stay?

The cost is 80 USD per week per adult, and 40 USD per week per child. Meals and transportation are not included.


What accommodation options are available?

There are flexible accommodation options for families who wish to either take a gap year or work remotely. There are two fully equipped independent houses or, for short stays, there are several other options (including food) run by the park (cabañas, treehouse and rooms at El Refugio). 


How many houses are there?

There are two fully equipped and connected  but independent houses with kitchen that can be rented. Moreover, there is a family house next door and the volunteers’ cabin is nearby, too. The other accommodations (cabañas, treehouse and Refugio, without kitchen) are also nearby and run directly by Parque Natural Chicaque.

What facilities are available?

Guests have access to kitchen, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities. There is a small playground in front of the house, a shared garden with table, chairs and parasol, a small basketball court and organic vegetable gardens.


Is there internet at the house?

Yes, there is satellite internet (starlink).


Are there shops nearby?

No. The next shopping facilities are in Soacha. Please bring food and everything you need with you.


Are there any restaurants around?

Yes, the Refugio (with typical food) is just 10-15 minutes away by foot. The other restaurant, Arboloco, is located at the park entrance in the upper zone of the park. You can reach it in 50 to 120 minutes by foot 


May we consume products from the organic gardens?

Yes, you are free to take herbs, vegetables and fruit from the gardens. Please note what you take so we can share this information with the agro-ecological team.  


Are there special activities in the park?

Yes, the park offers activities such as zipline, tree-climbing with ropes, horseback riding or guided night walks on weekends. Check out the Chicaque website for more information:

How do children learn at UBHA?

At UBHA Chicaque, children learn in a self-directed way. In a safe, stimulating and natural environment, they learn at their own pace according to their interests and intrinsic motivation. Our facilitators and volunteers are there to help and accompany the children’s learning process closely in a loving and trustful way. Our holistic and interactive educational approach combines nature experiences and community activities. Here are some aspects of how learning is fostered:

  1. Nature-Based Education: Children explore the Parque Natural Chicaque, learn about local flora and fauna, and develop environmental awareness.
  2. Practical Workshops: Activities such as gardening, crafts, carpentry and sustainable projects offer hands-on learning experiences.
  3. Cultural Exchange: Interactions with other families and local communities promote intercultural exchange, language learning and social skills.
  4. Free Play and Creativity: Ample space for free play enhances creativity, social skills and problem-solving abilities.


Do you have a programme for the children?

Yes, every day is different and there are always options and offerings for them. Children may choose what they want to do and suggest their own activities. Apart from our two constant facilitators, at the moment, we count with the support of some external facilitators who offer sewing and dancing classes, robotics, carpentry and air gymnastics. We always try to take into account what the children want to learn in order to look for the necessary resources (materials, external teachers, other places to go, etc.).


What activities are offered?

Activities include workshops, excursions, community projects and outdoor recreation.


How can parents get involved?

Parents can either volunteer at UBHA or they can suggest special activities for the children, according to their knowledge and passions. According to their skills, parents can also get involved within other areas of UBHA (social networks, finance, marketing, etc.) or in the nature reserve (conservation or construction work, investigation, etc.).

How can I apply?

Interested families can apply using the following link on this website.


What requirements do participants need to fulfill?

Openness, curiosity and a love of nature are desirable.


Is volunteering a must?

No, this is optional. We can reach an agreement in case you would like to get involved with the children, in other areas (marketing, administration) or in the conservation work of the nature park.

For more information on the Chicaque nature park, please visit: 

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